Assistant Physicians in Missouri - The Front Runner

Missouri has lent itself as a front runner to combat this problem.  The legislation found the need for a new type of provider and saw the untapped potential of Soon to Be Assistant Physicians.  Despite the rigorous qualifications needed, as soon as the law was passed the APs got to work improving the lives of the Missourians one position at a time. The moment has not stopped and will not stop to bring healthcare to the rural and under served areas.  The Process can be started on the Missouri State Board Website.


Nearly 6,800 places in the US are short on primary care physicians, from particular medical clinics to certain urban communities and entire rural counties, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Of those, 225 are in Missouri — a disproportionately high amount compared with the state’s population.
— Stat News

Other States To Follow

When the AP program was met with spark like success, it perked up the ears of State Congresses around America including bills passed in Arkansas and Kansas.  Currently, there is legislation in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, and New Hampshire.