According to sources at the Healthnet (Missouri Medicaid)  The State Plan Amendment (The amendment between the state and federal government) regarding Medicaid was not agreed upon last year due to the states computer program not being updated.  This seems to be the main and only hindrance for APs to have there very own pathway and status in the system.   These changes are supposed to take place anywhere from March until the end of the year.  After which another SPA will be submitted.  

In the mean time a temporary patch has been applied (See below article). 


ASSISTANT PHYSICIAN Missouri Medicaid Provider Questionnaire and Title XIX Participation Agreement has made a packet explaining how to bill an AP temporarily until the SPA goes through.  The main points to take away is that the AP will not be billing directly and will bill through the collaborating provider.  The packet may be found by clicking this link.  This packet should be filled out and sent as per the instructions on the site.  This allows APs to bill Medicaid.